There are so many things to think about when planning your wedding, many of them are new and you might not have heard about them. this article explains all you need to know about wedding table place cards.

You might have been to several weddings and seen place cards and banners on your table, the idea is that you know where you are sitting, you don't have to annoy the staff and you are usually a bit sozzled so they are pretty much a 'must have' item at any wedding. This can also help the bride and groom determine who you sit next to. If they really like you then you will be sat next to a very attractive member of the opposite sex, if they like you but you're never going to be a god parent then you're sitting next to your partner or someone that they think will be suitable for you. If the bride and groom invited you but they didn't want to, you will almost certainly sit next to the most drunk member of the wedding party, the great great grandmother or the loudest person there! Either way, wedding place cards can say a lot more about a wedding than you would ever think.

Now, how about the quality of the place cards, does this really matter? This depends on the type of wedding that you're having, they are one of the easiest things to skimp on but then if you are the bride, have a think to yourself right now. When you go to a wedding, what is the one thing that you always bring back to remind you of that day, that's right, the place card. So you want your friends to go through their personal belongings in 20 years time, find your home made place cards and say; "wow, they were cheap weren't they!" Maybe, you should invest a bit of time and effort into actually buying some decent and professional place cards, if only to massage your own ego!

How much are wedding place cards and where do you get them from? There are lots of web sites on the web that sell them, we tend to favour the larger suppliers like Confetti because they have such a vast range and are competitively priced with a high quality print. Again, you don't want to look cheap at your own wedding so don't go mad, but you should spend a few quid on these just to make sure. They really are not that expensive so they aren't going to stretch your wedding day budget that much!

What do you write on your wedding table place cards? Always write a full name, people often get confused, especially when they've had a few but you can also include nicknames or pet names on your place cards as well. This makes your guests feel comfortable and adds that personal edge to the wedding day not only for you but also for your guests as well.

And finally...... don't forget to take them with you, make sure they are on the list of things to take to your wedding venue on the big day, you should even try to get them there before your wedding day so you know that this is at least one job well done. Once you have your wedding table place cards at your wedding venue, this is one more tick on your wedding job list that is completed, now relax and go and have a fantastic day!