Your wedding day is unique and choosing a photographer to record your special day needs some careful thought. The photographs you receive after your wedding should recreate your special day and record, not just the formal parts, but also those all-important informal moments.

The Groom looking pensive, the Bride nervously looking in the mirror as she prepares, the father of the bride fighting back tears of joy as he sees his precious daughter in her bridal gown for the first time, a child perhaps hiding under a table eating something he shouldn’t. All these moments are so important and allow the bride and groom see parts of their day that they didn’t see at the time. Lasting images for you re-live your special day.

Photography has changed dramatically over the years and with the digital era, it is simply not acceptable to have second-rate photographs. Your wedding photographs should be faultless.

So how do you go about choosing a professional wedding photographer who is right for you? The Internet is the obvious starting point. There are literally thousand of wedding photographers on the Internet all claiming amazing results. Ask to see examples of their work. Ask for references and follow them up. The most reliable way of choosing a wedding photographer is probably by a friend’s recommendation. If you know someone who has recently got married, ask to see their photographs. Was the style of photography what they expected? Did they find the Photographer easy to get along with? Did they feel he or she worked and acted in a professional manner? Did they feel the rates were fair? Most importantly, were they pleased with the results?

You will need to decide on your budget and rates can vary enormously. The most expensive is not necessarily the best. It is important to meet your wedding photographer several times before the day to discuss your requirements and build a relationship. They need to know the sort of person you are. If you are a bubbly, funky, fun loving person, then they need to get that across in the style of photography with some fun shots. If you are a more reserved person, then maybe you would like classical, traditional photography.

A popular style of wedding photography these days is documentary wedding photography. Your photographs need to tell a story from beginning to end. A simple picture of a bridal shoe, or a hair decoration can be a wonderful memento. A black and white photograph of the groom having a quiet word with the Best Man or a sepia picture of the Bride giggling with her Bridesmaids. Unposed pictures like this speak a thousand words and are just as important as the more formal shots.

Although the last thing you want to do is shop by price, it is an important factor and you need to know exactly what is included in the wedding photo package. Some photographers will give you a fixed price for an album, a set of photographs, and a portrait. Others will have a menu, where you can choose exactly what you want and you pay per item. Many photographers will upload the proofs onto their website, where you can choose the wedding pictures that you want.

Your Wedding Photographers should visit the venue before the day, so he or she can check where the best light is and what angles would make a good shot. Make sure he is available all day – you really don’t want a Photographer who disappears five minutes into the reception, missing some exclusive shots.
Make sure you read your contract carefully and query anything you are not happy with. You may have to pay a deposit, but you need to know what happens if you have to cancel. Is your deposit returnable? If the unthinkable happens and your photographer is suddenly taken ill on the day, is there a back up?
The photographs of you wedding day are so special and a professional wedding photographer will capture the moment in pictures for you and for generations to come.