Of course you could just get a couple of old barrels and a wooden plank, stick lots of cheap booze on the top and there you have it – your very own mobile bar. But is that really what you want for your wedding?

Well it could be worse I suppose. I’ve been to a few great evenings where they had just that, but it could be an awful lot better.

Everyone wants their special day to be memorable and creating a good impression when your guests arrive at the reception is really important. First impressions count and if some the weddings I have been to are anything to go by, most of your guests will head straight to the bar as soon as they arrive. So it would be good to seriously impress them right from the start.

Most mobile bar hire companies are really sophisticated these days and will supply a whole range of bars, in different shapes and colours to perfectly match your event. How about a beautiful curved glass Art Deco bar where professional uniformed staff will mix decadent, glamorous or exotic cocktails, complete with paper umbrellas, in fabulous coloured glasses. Or maybe a retro pub style bar is more your scene, complete with horse brasses and beer pumps. Then there are ultra modern stainless steel bars with coloured neon light panels. Of course if you are having a traditional wedding, you will probably go for a simple, classic bar with colour-coordinated accessories and beautiful flowers to match your colour scheme. There really is something for everyone. Mobile bars can include a bespoke bar, refrigeration, draught facilities, glassware, bar tenders and ice. In fact pretty much everything and you will normally have the option of a Free Bar, where you pick up the tab at the end, or a Paying Bar where your guests just pay as they go.

As with all event planning you will need to book your mobile bars well in advance, as they get booked up months or even years ahead, especially if your event is taking place at the weekend. The Internet is the obvious starting point when looking for a mobile bar company and there are literally thousands to choose from. Pictures on the Internet may speak a thousand words, but you cannot beat talking to someone who has used the company. Ask for references and do follow them up. The most reliable way of choosing a mobile bar is by personal recommendation. If you attend a function that has a bar and you are impressed with the way it looks and feel that is run in a professional manner, talk to the host and if they are pleased with the service, make sure you get contact details for the company.

It is vital to get everything in writing. You need to know exactly what they are going to provide, drinks, glasses, decorations, number of staff etc. They need to be clear what time they should arrive to set up and how long the event will last. If something does go wrong and you haven’t got an agreement in writing, you really don’t have a leg to stand on. Read your contract carefully and query anything you are not happy with. You may have to pay a deposit, but you need to know what happens if you have to cancel. Is your deposit returnable? And don’t forget to read the small print. The other important issue is to check if you need a license. The Company can arrange the license with a Temporary Events notice.

On the day itself, you will have other, far more important things to focus on, so providing you have done your homework and chosen your mobile bar company carefully, you won’t have a thing to worry about. The mobile bar company will take away all the hassle allowing you and your guests to enjoy a fabulous day.