This is an article that is born from love, the origins never really had anything to do with weddings, more just for a valentines gift for the wife and then I thought that these would make a really unique wedding gift.

The idea came from researching for a valentines present and asking a few ladies about the type of jewelry that they would really like and the result was phenomenal! A type of jewelry that, as a male, I'd never heard about before, but it seems that the female population love it. These are lovelinks jewelry on a charm bracelet.

I'd never even heard of these things until now but they really are the 'must have' piece of jewelry for the modern woman, but my guess is that the modern man also hasn't even heard of them. The idea is that you purchase a charm bracelet or lovelinks bracelet and add lovelink charms such as gold charms and silver charms to the links bracelet over time. Obviously the first thing that you need to purchase is the charms bracelet itself and a few links and then they grow from there!

The idea is great individual wedding gift for several reasons! The first is that the charms themselves are not hugely expensive and will last forever unlike the standard bunch of roses or bottle of champagne. They shouldn't depreciate massively in value so you are adding to a really nice jewelry collection. You are also adding to a story, a story of love at least and more typically of romance for your loved one. Every time you buy a charm, it tells a story of the time you purchased it for your partner. Ultimately, the links bracelet ends up reflecting your relationship and the story behind that relationship. I was massively impressed by this and as a male with little taste in anything apart from sport, that is quite an achievement! Having a wallet that is usually covered in cobwebs, it takes a minor miracle to get me to spend any money but I was more than impressed by the lovelinks.

My main thought was that I am buying something that is romantic, signifies my love (for the wife!) and isn't going to die in a couple of days or sit at the bottom of the drawer. I guess the proof is in the pudding and my wife really loved them. So how does that relate to a wedding, well you could buy your partner some lovelinks as a start of your story together for a unique wedding day gift. They are also a modern and infinitely more interesting present to give to a bride on a wedding day than the standard bottle of champagne as the links are timeless.

Finally, and this is what really sold me on the idea, the range of links is huge! If you have to say something then there is always a charm link out there that can explain your feelings for a person at a given time. This might be 'I'm sorry!' and this is virtually always the case for me! It may be 'well done' for achieving something special and it is always an 'I love you' whether it is for a partner or for a friend! I just thought I'd share this with anyone as I go to so many weddings where the presents are so limited and I thought that this was kind of cool and had a really great feeling as a unique wedding present idea!