The Wikipedia definition of a marquee is ‘A large tent, open-sided and installed outdoors for temporary functions’. For many years, if you thought of a marquee, you thought of Boy Scouts or maybe army cadets.

Well marquees have come along way since then. Marquees can be hired specifically for weddings and other events and vary enormously in size and style. You may want a small canopy for an intimate wedding or a huge structure that can accommodate 1000’s of people. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, a marquee could the be perfect and cost effective setting for your wedding reception. If you are hiring a marquee for a wedding, it could transform a very ordinary location into a fabulously romantic setting with luxurious linings, drapes and lighting to create a wonderfully intimate atmosphere.

Marquee hire is very easy these days and with so many marquee hire specialist companies, the Internet is the obvious place to start. However, if you attend an event in a marquee and like what you see, then make sure you get the name of the marquee hire company. Do remember that marquee hire companies are booked up for months or even years ahead, so make sure you contact them in good time, especially if your event is in the summer months. Your marquee hire company will be able to advise you on the style and size of the marquee that is most suitable for your wedding. There is a wide range of styles, with the traditional pole marquee still proving the most popular, but more unusual frames are now available like a Bedouin style. When furnished with rich red and gold woven cloths, soft lighting and sumptuous cushions and rugs will create a really exotic atmosphere. If you have the space, hiring a marquee for your wedding gives you a unique opportunity to welcome your guests to your home without them having to come into your house. You may want to treat your guests to breakfast the following day or hold a party for the kids. No problem - you can hire it for as long as you want.

A marquee needn’t just be one room, it can be a multi room affair and add-ons can easily be arranged such as a dance floor, dining hall and posh loos. I once attended a fantastic wedding reception and the marquee was totally luxurious with a room for coats, a bar and a dining hall. Halfway through the reception, the lights flickered and one of the walls dropped dramatically to reveal another vast two-tiered room that the guests were totally unaware of. The room was sumptuously decorated with sparkling chandeliers, plush carpets, a large stage and band to entertain the guests. The whole scene then received a standing ovation. So you can really can use your marquee to create a marvelous atmosphere. Marquees offer you the flexibility to choose where to have your event and the opportunity to create the perfect mood and atmosphere to fit the occasion. Most marquee hirers will also offer a range of furnishings, flooring, lighting and décor options to enhance your guests’ experience. You want your wedding day to be as unique and individual as you are and choosing the right marquee for you will help create a really memorable and wonderful day.