With the exception of the words “I do”, one of the strongest memories you and your guests will have of you wedding day will be the reception dinner. Depending on the number of guests attending your wedding, the wedding catering can also make up a large proportion of your wedding budget

, so thorough thought and planning is essential.

It is important that you pick a wedding caterer who understands this and will be able to fulfil all of your requests, requirements and (where possible!) your dreams. This advice comes as a result of my own experience whilst I was searching for either a Cambridge catering company or Hertfordshire catering company who would listen to my wild requests and manage to succeed in making sure my wedding day was an accurate representation of the day I had been dreaming of since I can remember!

I was looking for Cambridge caterers who could give me their undivided attention throughout the entire process. This was partly because, one part of my wedding I could never give much in-depth thought to was the catering because I’m not very good at cooking. So all my original plan consisted of was basically “beef tenderloin” and “something with lemons for dessert”. Luckily, I managed to find a couple of catering companies who could build on what I wanted and provided some sample menus for me and my better half - (who did have some ideas they had been wishing for) to think about.

“Wishing for” is a good turn of phrase when it comes to weddings and wedding catering. After all, most brides - and many grooms - have been wishing for and dreaming about their wedding day for most of their lives, and have probably planning it for just as long, I know I had! This is why it was imperative for me that my Hertfordshire catering company agreed to every last detail of my wedding ideas so I knew it would go exactly to plan.

In the early stages of my wedding menu and plan, I spoke to quite a few Hertfordshire catering services and Cambridge catering company (who I ended up using), as I was desperate for someone to talk through with me wedding themes and styles. I knew exactly what I wanted in my head, but trying to express what I was thinking wasn’t quite so easy.

You may be considering an elegant theme for your wedding, complete with organised seating, beautifully decorated tables and have a wedding reception dinner menu in mind which compliments this. Or, maybe you are thinking about something more rustic and relaxed, such as a hog roast or a barbeque outside to allow your guests to enjoy the views of your selected venue. Whatever type of wedding you are planning, make notes, grab pictures from magazines and online wedding galleries and come up with some form of framework or better yet, an “ideas board” that will help describe and illustrate the type of wedding you are after.