Apart from your wedding dress, your wedding cake is one of the most visual aspects of your wedding day and is the centrepiece of your reception or wedding party. There are so many different types of wedding cake these days, so how do you decide which is right for you.

Your wedding cake supplier will design and create a unique wedding cake, which should reflect your personality and the theme of your wedding.

The days when a standard three tier white cake was the only option are long gone, although if you have decided to have a traditional wedding, a simple classic wedding cake that is just perfect for the occasion. However, there are many specialist wedding cake designers, who will create contemporary wedding cakes, novelty wedding cakes or unusual wedding cakes. From traditional, rich fruitcake, chocolate fudge cake, delicious carrot cake or even cheese wedding cakes, the list is endless.

There are many wedding cake suppliers on the Internet and it is very easy to find several in your particular area. When you choose a wedding cake designer, ask to see examples of their work. They should have lots of photographs of various wedding cakes that they have created, but ask for references and follow them up. Ask if they are currently working on a wedding cake and see the work in progress. The most reliable way of choosing a wedding cake supplier is probably by a friend’s recommendation. If you know someone who has recently got married, ask to see photographs of their cake. Was the wedding cake what they expected? Did they feel the cost was justified and most importantly, were they pleased with the results? If you attend a wedding where the cake is the type of wedding cake that you would like, find out the name of the wedding cake designer.

It is important to contact your wedding cake designer many months before the wedding to discuss your requirements and build a relationship. They need to know the sort of person you are, so they can design a wedding cake that reflects your personality. If you are a bubbly, funky, fun loving person, then they need to get that across in the style of cake they design for you. You may want a novelty cake topper or something really unusual. It is important to discuss your requirements at length. If you are using a particular colour scheme, take along a piece of fabric or pictures from a magazine that show the colour. Take along sketches to give the wedding cake specialist as much information as you can. And don’t assume they can spell. If you have any writing on the cake, make sure you write down exactly what is required and double check they have understood how names are spelled. I once attended a wedding where the cake should have read Mike and Jean. Unfortunately it read Mike and Dean!

When it comes to decorating wedding cakes, the world is your oyster. Your celebration cake can look absolutely exquisite with hand crafted sugar flowers, tumbling ribbons, cascading swirls or fresh flowers. Your florist will be able to supply fresh flowers that may be suitable for use on the wedding cake.

A spectacular alternative to a tiered cake is a wedding cupcake tower. Cupcakes are arranged on tiered stands and create a stunning cascade of individual cakes. You can choose to have one flavour or a mixture of flavours. They can be individually decorated and will create a stunning and unique centrepiece. Strawberries and Cream would be wonderful for a summer wedding with delicious whole strawberries placed delicately amongst the little cakes. Chocolate orange spice would be perfect for a winter wedding, with delicate swirls of chocolate. One couple I know had a tiny ladybird iced on the top of each individual cake.

Of course, not everyone has sweet tooth and a really unusual alternative is a Cheese wedding cakes or cheese celebration cakes. If you want something just that little bit different, this could be for you. Or maybe you want some visual value out of the cheese course. This will definitely be the centre of attention and can be colour themed and decorated with fruit or flowers. Whatever you choose your wedding cake should be individual to you.

Bonus: Wedding Cake Toppers

What are wedding cake toppers, where do you buy them from, why are they important or even are they important, a short explanation for some of your wedding cake topper questions for those that don’t know! This will probably be on the grooms side, but don’t be embarrassed if you’re a bride and haven’t got a clue about wedding cake toppers, you're not alone!

Wedding cake toppers are exactly just that, something that goes on the top of your wedding cake! They are typically figurines that are hand crafted and hand made that are images of the bride and groom usually ascertained from photographs of the happy couple! The obvious question for those not in the know, can you eat them, they look so nice! No, so don’t try, they are usually made from a non toxic modelling clay so if your newly wedded husband has decided to eat yours, don’t worry, he’ll still be here tomorrow! The idea behind these is that you can keep the wedding cake toppers as momentos of your wedding day cake, should you wish to! Thus, if it does get mistakenly eaten, you can usually get a replica made.

Where do you get a wedding cake topper from? There are many web based companies that are specialist wedding cake topper makers in the UK, USA and other countries. They have endless experience in creating clay figurines not only of the bride and groom but also of many other aspects that could reflect the happy couples lives. This could be some specific object that reflects their history such as a famous landmark, a sporting object such as a rugby ball or just about anything else that relates to the happy couple.

Wedding cake toppers are very personal as to whether you like them or not, they are not an essential part of any wedding but are a modern addition if they suit your tastes. They are certainly becoming a more popular addition with an increasing proportion of wedding cakes now having a topper, perhaps they are even now seen as the norm. Whatever your views, toppers allow you to add something unique to your wedding cake, humorous, romantic, reflective or loving, they give you an opportunity to show your style of relationship as a married couple to the rest of the world.

Individual wedding cakes, novelty wedding cakes and unusual wedding cakes

Novelty wedding cakes come from inspiration! The majority of wedding cake designers will have the ability to create any wedding cake according to your design. Wedding cake makers really can do anything but they will need guidance if you want to have a bespoke wedding cake designed to your requirements. If you want your cake designer to make a perfect individual wedding cake then you have to provide the inspiration! The best method for achieving your dream wedding cake is to create the design yourself. You would create the design within a computer program such as photoshop or you could ask any friends who are artistic to draw the cake for you. If you want to create the perfect unusual wedding cake then detail is essential!

When you start the wedding cake design process, start with a simple outline design that reflects your basic idea. Really work hard on the initial design process and try to think about how your cake is going to be constructed. Whether you are choosing a fruit wedding cake, sponge wedding cake or chocolate wedding cake could have some impact on your design. For example, a chocolate wedding cake could reflect a chocolate theme to the exterior design, fruit cakes tend to be traditional and if you want a traditional wedding cake, then you should consider this as your primary ingredient. Sponge wedding cakes are definitely a modern theme, of you have an unusual or modern theme, then you might want to consider using a sponge as the filling.

Don't forget that to create a totally unique wedding cake, you can also change the colors and the presentation. Wedding cakes don't have to be presented in tiered stands all of the time, you could create a totally unique presentation surround for your cake using different backdrops, especially if you have a specific theme to your event.

The most important factor in creating an unusual wedding cake is the decoration. When you have completed the initial design, create several more detailed designs, wedding cake makers will need to be guided carefully so your custom wedding cake design should be very detailed. This should not only incorporate the specific sugar craft designs but also sizes of individual elements within the design, colors of the individual elements and guidance for styling each element, especially when using sugar based components.

Your wedding cake designer is your key to creating a totally bespoke, unique and individual wedding cake. Work closely with them and provide as much detailed guidance and help as possible and they will reward you with an outstanding cake to surprise all of your guests on your big day.

How do I choose my wedding cake?

Your wedding cake is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. It provides a beautiful photo opportunity so it is important that your wedding cake is perfect.

Cake makers can get booked up to 12 months in advance so it is important to start looking around for your cake maker sooner rather than later to ensure you get the cake you truly want.

Choosing your wedding cake design.

Some brides find one wedding cake design will jump out and hit tem and that will be the cake of their dreams but any good cake maker will be able to design a cake or adapt a design (or designs) to meet your requirements and your budget.

When choosing your cake there are a number of factors you will need to take into consideration.

The style of your wedding will play a large part of your decision of the style of your wedding cake. Are you traditional or contemporary? Would something classic suit your style or are you more of an outrageous bride? If possible, take along samples of invitations, materials, flowers etc. when you visit your wedding cake maker. The more information you can provide the easier it is for them to design a cake which is individual to you.


The location and season of your wedding play an important part in the style of cake you have. If you are getting married in the middle of summer, hopefully the weather will be hot but whilst this is great for you it would not be so great for the cake decorated with chocolate. Marquees can also pose problems, with cakes separated with pillars not being suitable for this venue. Your cake maker will be able to advise you of your options.


The size of your wedding cake will be determined by the number of portions you need it to provide. If you are having a small wedding than a 4 or 5 tier cake will not be necessary. For a larger wedding many cake makers can offer a cutting cake to provide additional portions.


Nowadays anything is possible with many brides shunning the traditional wedding fruit cake. Chocolate, Lemon, Carrot, Coffee, Madeira, the list is endless. It is even possible to have a cake made entirely of cheese.

Many cake makers offer the opportunity to sample the cakes they offer. Always try and take up this offer as it is important for your cake to taste as good as it looks.


Once you have decided on the style and flavor of your cake you need to get it will get to the venue on the day. Many cake makers offer a delivery service for a small charge. This would be the recommended option and will avoid any mishaps and unnecessary worry so that all that is left for you to do is cut the cake and enjoy!