This is an article waiting to happen, how many times do we get asked, where do we get chocolate from for our home mini chocolate fountain or fondue set and what sort of chocolate should we buy? Here are your answers so read carefully to avoid the pitfalls.

The most important factor in using your fountain or fondue is the actual chocolate, if you use rubbish then it really wont taste very nice will it so it is important to buy the right chocolate. This is always Belgian and always comes in the form of chocolate callets or little chocolate drops. This is an easy way to see if the chocolate is of decent quality, it is always produced in callet form to allow easy melting. Imagine trying to melt a 10kg bar of chocolate, that would take all day, callets are much easier to melt.

Where do you get the Belgian chocolate callets from? Actually, there aren't that many suppliers in the UK that really sell them in small enough quantities for a home chocolate fountain but the Chocolate trading Company does. You can buy them in dark, milk or white chocolate in 1kg bags, we would suggest that you buy 2 bags at a minimum to make it worthwhile to cover the package and postage and you can even buy a home chocolate fountain as well. This is just our opinion, yours amy be different but here goes! The white chocolate is very much like a milky bar but a bit sweeter and richer, it's ok but not great in a fondue unless you are a massive white chocolate fan. The Belgian milk chocolate is very nice, you can really tell the difference between this and a normal supermarket chocolate, it is much richer, really creamy and smooth. If you are a chocolate freak then you have to buy the dark chocolate, a very intense flavour and decent Belgian dark chocolate isn't that bitter because of the quality of the cocoa that they use.

How do you buy it? Just click on the link below, then click on the 'chocolate fountains' selection under the 'choose a category' tab on the left hand side table and off you go, enjoy, treat yourself and then go for a jog tomorrow to burn it all off!!