This article explains the pros and cons of sourcing your own wine and champagne for your wedding day. In many cases, the wedding venue will insist on supplying the wine and champagne for your big day but if you can supply your own, you can save a fortune.

If you are having a wedding at home, in a marquee or at a unique wedding venue that doesn't hold a license, you will be expected to source your own wine, champagne and Pimms or any other drink. You may also be able to buy your own wedding day wine or champagne even at a standard venue but they will probably charge you corkage on this. Either way, you have to find the right supplier for you and also consider the cost savings involved.

Even if you are having your wedding at a venue that provides the option of supplying your own drinks for your big day, you may be able to save yourself a fortune even if you have to pay corkage as some venues charge a fortune for their own drinks so it may be well worthwhile to buy it yourself.

If you are having your wedding at an alternative wedding venue, in a marquee or at home, you can save even more money by sourcing your own wedding day champagne and wine. There are several retailers out there who will offer you great deals on your wedding day drinks, they will virtually always deliver if you buy over a certain amount, and lets face it, you're going to need it! Many wine merchants will also offer you a sale or return deal if you order over a certain amount. That means that you can return any drinks that are not consumed on your wedding day and get a full refund, how good is that. Of course, how much you spend depends on your personal preferences, you might want the best French champagne and wines for your wedding day breakfast or you might be of the opinion that your guests wont notice the difference after the third drink. We have placed a selection of wine merchants around this page, please feel free to visit them!

Now there's a strategy that is wise and money saving for your wedding. If you are purchasing your own wedding day alcohol, here's an idea. You buy some very expensive champagnes and wines for starters, say the first glass of champagne or wine and then you gradually move down in quality as the day and evening progress. By the end of your event, the likelihood is that your guests will not have noticed anyway as they will have drunk to much anyway. If you are paying for the wedding drinks, this is always a decent strategy to keep costs down as this will be a very expensive part of your wedding budget!

Just one more thing though if you are supplying your own wedding drinks, make sure that you have something to put them in. most of the major drinks merchants will also offer a supplier service for champagne flutes and wine glasses and will offer this alongside your order. This may be worthwhile, it cuts out one big headache and the deliveries should all come together before the event so that would be a big tick from your wedding day preparations list. Make sure thought that you check your delivery on arrival to ensure that all of the correct brands and types of drinks have been delivered, there's nothing worse than having too much red wine and not enough white wine at a wedding!