The internet is filled with tons of programs that will help us in our daily tasks. For many of these programs, you will have to open up your wallet and pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, but there are also lots of awesome programs that are free. We will list here 5 of these free programs that everyone should have.

1) WinRAR

This program has been here for more than a decade, and it still is free as ever. WinRAR is used to unzip or zip files in the .rar format and almost all the files that are downloadable on the internet come in this form. The files take less space once they are zipped, making them easier to download. If you download lots of things online or if you upload them, this is a must-have program for you!

2) CCleaner

The web is filled with tons of things that can harm your computer. It is crucial that you don’t go to suspicious parts of the web and even more so you need to watch what you download once you go there. But even then some things do get installed in the background, and they come in the form of malicious software and adware. The CCleaner makes sure that if some of that adware is hiding in your computer that it will be found and deleted. The software can also clean your computer from unwanted files and unnecessary old cached items, or log files. If you like to keep your computer clean and without any unwanted programs, this is the best free program you can get.

3) Google Chrome

The moment you install fresh windows on your computer, it is time to start downloading things from the internet. The first thing you need to do is download a secure browser that is fast and reliable. Here we picked Google Chrome as the browser of our choice just for the fact it has the best support of them all and is the safest on the web.