It’s impressive how many great gadgets we have seen lately. Some of them are already known and useful, other ones are totally something new and innovative. This is a list of the top ten gadgets that can make a perfect gift for your tech friends.

Dark Side Flash Drives

You can become a great friend if you give your buddy this flash drive for his birthday. He can be the coolest person ever and you can have even more fun if his name is Luke.

Pryma 01 Carbon Marsala

Made from Italian leather, with the ear cups that made from carbon fiber, this headset can make anybody happy. It produces lots of bass and always gives you that clear sound.

Supersonic Hair Dryer

No woman can resist something like this. The company called Dyson has created a noiseless hair dryer. It dries hair in record time without damaging it and that always makes the girls happy.

Mizu V10 Thermos

The person who gets this thermos can forget about plastic bottles. Nostalgic design and great quality will make your Irish coffee taste even better.

Olympus PEN-F

A vintage look and incredible digital ability is the definition of this product. Although the camera resembles old Olympus models, the truth is that you can become a professional without too much effort. It has a high-resolution mode and a system that can take twenty-megapixel pictures.

Autodromo Group B Automatic Watch

This is another vintage looking gadget. Inspired by rally cars from the 80s, it can be a beautiful gift. It comes in a titanium case which makes it ultra-light, and it’s looks will surely turn some heads.

Chrome Wyatt Collection Chore coat

Made from Dyneema material and denim this coat can last for years. Dyneema is the type of material that is stronger than fiber and better than Kevlar

Insta-Ready Phone Case

Created for taking different types of photos. With macro, fisheye and two telephoto options, most of the girls will adore this gadget. It’s the right choice for people who own an iPhone and love to take selfies in different environments.

Crafthouse Cocktail Smoker

Your favorite cocktail can now get a real wood flavor. Put your drink in the vacuumed chamber that has a pipe connected to the smoke-gun. You can try various combinations of cocktails at your home.

BioLite BaseLantern

When you’re away from home BaseLatern can help you a lot. It’s very easy to pack, it has Bluetooth and different colors. It can be used as a double charger for your phones and make you feel like you are still at home when it comes to battery charging at least.