Do you happen to like weird and original gadgets? If you do, there are plenty of them already invented. Here is a list of unique and nifty tools that will probably make your life easier.

Light UP Charging Cable

This very special charging cable comes with an added bonus. It indicates when your phone has finished charging. And it does that in a flashy manner. It is also energy efficient with its light being dimmed as the phone charges.

BiKN Tracking Device

This is the perfect choice for all those people that are losing their keys and phones on a regular basis. Just attach this little thingy to your beloved possessions, and you will be worry-free, never losing your precious items again.

Aqua Notes

If you are one of those people who keep getting their creativity bursts while taking a shower, then look no further. This notebook is completely waterproof, so you will never forget the brilliant ideas that came on your mind while in the shower.

Bottle Ice Cubes

If you want your drinks to stay cold, and be cool and drink through the evening, this ice cube tray will help you do that. It will fit right into your bottles, so you can fill yourself with cold booze if there is no refrigerator in sight.

Compartment pan

This pan is a fantastic way of saving your time usually spent on washing the dishes. You can prepare several different things in just one pan, which can come in handy if you’re preparing to throw a party.

Twister fork

Do you have a problem eating Italian food without making a mess of yourself? If you do, Twister fork is the thing for you. It is specially designed to grab as much pasta as you like, with dropping a thing. Perfect for those spaghetti addicts.

Credit Card Light Bulb

This credit card is essentially a flash light that you can fit inside your wallet. You can turn it on by simply flipping it, and that makes this gadget a perfect handyman in emergency situations.

Herb Scissors

If cooking is one of your hobbies, these scissors will put a smile on your face. With five blades it can cut any herb you want.