Vitamins are powerful substances, which can help to block cancer. Recent research has shown that certain vitamins can be successfully employed in the fight against this disease and that they can increase the life expectancy of some terminal cancer patients.

Vitamin С heads the list of vitamins found beneficial in the prevention and treatment of cancer. It is the most potent anti-toxin known. It can effectively neutralize or minimize the damaging effect of most chemical carcinogens in foods and the environment and, thus, be of great value in cancer prevention programs, as well as, in the treatment of cancer. It can be taken in large doses of 5,000 mg. or more a day.

Vitamin С can block the transformation of amines and nitrite into nitrosamines which are deadly carcinogens that can cause all types of cancer. It helps neutralize free radical cancer-causing agents in cell membranes thereby preventing the first step in cancer. It also helps regulate immunity and thus prevents transformation of healthy cells into cancerous cells. In experiments with animals, it has been found that this vitamin suppresses the growth and virulence of tumours. According to recent Swedish studies, vitamin С in large doses can be an effective prophylactic agent against cancer. Noted Japanese scientist, Dr. Fukunir Mirishige and his colleagues have recently found that a mixture of vitamin С and copper compound has lethal effects on cancer.

There is growing evidence that many cancers are caused by viruses. Since vitamin С appears to nullify the damage done by viruses, this nutrient may prove to be particularly important. All types of cancer cause severe stress. This increases the need for vitamin С to a very large extent. Most cancer patients show symptoms of bruising, bleeding gums, and often, haemorrhaging, which is characteristic of a deficiency of vitamin C. It has been found that if a patient who cannot be operated, is given 4,000 to 6,000mg of vitamin С daily, it would inhibit the growth of cancer and in some cases, it may even retard its progress. The main food sources of Vitamin С are citrus fruits and vegetables.

Among fruits, Indian gooseberry, guava, lime, lemon, orange and papaya are the most valuable sources of this vitamin. Root vegetables and potatoes contain smaller amounts of these vitamins. Cereals and pulses do not contain vitamin С in the dry state. Nuts, if soaked in water for about 48 hours and allowed to germinate, form a good source of Vitamin C.