Chaffing is a very common problem among millions of people, especially to those who goes out for adventurous expeditions. One of the major reasons of the chaffing is the rubbing of thighs together. The chafing will become worse when the moisture is present.

It can happen to anybody just even going out doors or even in indoors. If you sweat for sometimes, chafing may occur in your body. Another source for chaffing is allergenic environments or the area with much dust and smoke. Mostly the chafing has a nuisance value and can be much irritating. There are many types of medical remedies that are available for chaffing. There are many types of medicated creams and powders like prickly heat powders that are available in the market.. All of them help in reducing chaffing. There are also many herbal remedies which can reduce the effects of chaffing and also cure perfectly the chafing occurring in body parts, especially at thigh region.

Chaffing is generally caused by the rubbing together of the insides of the thighs, and is worsened by moisture. Some clothes which are allergenic to skin can also cause chaffing. Body hygiene is a very important factor in getting rid of chaffing. In fact, chaffing can make much nuisance and if not treated properly in some cases it can leave permanent scars and some times chaffing can cause bruises as well. Chaffing can cause burning feeling, itching sensation and some times pain. When we think about herbal remedies for chaffing, many types of recipes will be available in books and internet. I will give you some of the effective herbal remedies which have proven medicinal properties.

• First is turmeric paste. You can use turmeric cream to apply externally to reduce the bad effects of chaffing. It has nice anti bacterial properties as well.

• Sandalwood cream is a soothing agent. It gives good cooling effect to affected area. This is a very common herbal remedy for chaffing.

• Herbal solution made in coconut oil is a good oil to apply over the affected regions. Many kinds of herbal leaves are used to make these kinds of oil. The leaves include Tulsi and Amla.

• Neem leaves paste is a very effective herbal remedy for chaffing. It is very popular with its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Many herbal powders used for chafing contains neem and lemon.

• Indian Aloe Vera is found to be highly effective in treating Chaffing.

• Ginseng tablets can be taken twice daily in the morning and before bed with a cup of milk. This will improve the immune system of the body.

• Manuka tea tree oil and honey are the other two important herbal remedies for chaffing. The antibacterial properties of these remedies make it a best suit for herbal remedies. These have very good healing properties as well.

The chafed area can be applied with petroleum jelly to make it smooth.

All these herbal remedies for chaffing are time tested and found to be very efficient in controlling and curing chaffing related problems.