Drug and alcohol addiction can be incredibly powerful, and it can be hard to finally decide to seek treatment. Patients frequently report feeling anxious or terrified about being in a group setting, or finally parting ways with their vice of choice.

Here are two things that you can expect on your first day of rehab, so that you can relax and stop worrying about what will happen.

1: Counselor Interview

Believe it or not, your treatment will begin the instant you step through the door of your local rehabilitation facility. To evaluate your needs and to provide you with the support that you need, counselors will meet with you to discuss your feelings before you do anything else.

Counselors will ask you about how you feel towards the therapy process, what you hope to accomplish, and what prompts you to drink or use. Because the goal of any treatment center is to provide a caring, positive experience for their guests, your counselor will talk with you like a friend, instead of like those abrupt family members and police officers that you may have been dealing with.

Staff members and counselors will also discuss your daily schedule, facility rules, and provided amenities. Their goal is to help you to understand your needs, and to walk you through how the treatment process will unfold.

2: Doctor’s Exam

After you have a basic idea of what treatment will entail, you will be sent over to meet with a doctor to have a physical exam. The purpose of these exams is to check out your current physical condition, to collect blood work for necessary testing, and to evaluate the evidence of your previous drug usage.

Your doctor will also determine which medications you need during treatment. Believe it or not, some drug users and alcoholics might not be able to simply quit substance abuse cold turkey and live to tell about it. After your body has become dependent on constant infusions of drugs and alcohol, quitting all of the sudden can lead to seizures, heart failure, and even death.

To protect your health while you are in treatment, doctors will evaluate your current condition and wean you off of substances in a controlled, carefully executed manner. You will meet with your doctor regularly during your stay in treatment, in order to track your progress and keep you healthy.

Knowing what to expect when you start addiction rehab can help you to enter bravely into the therapy process, so that you can recover.