Most parents face the problem of burping of their infant. In fact burping occurring occasionally gives the indication that the baby is fully fed. Burping can occur after the breast feeding, after feeding the baby with instant milks and also after giving usual food items.

Mostly moms will take the child in the arms and give a massage to stomach and back side to get a relief from the burping. There are many herbal remedies for burping in infants. All these herbal remedies for burping are well proven and time tested to counter the burping in infants. In fact these herbal remedies for burping come from our grand parents and are passed on to new generation.

Burping is also known as ructus, belching or eructation. It is manifested as the release of gas from the stomach through mouth. It generally accompanies typical sounds and in some cases it can be smelly with an odor. This can occur with some other symptoms as well. In many cases of burping the infants start crying continuously without any particular reasons as they get mild pain in the digestive tract. Mostly burping is caused by feeding the baby very fast. The baby will try to swallow the food fast (of course parents want their baby to eat and drink more so that the baby will grow fast!) and in turn the gas release occurs.

There are many allopathic medicines available for burping in infants. But it is not assured whether these medicines have any reactions in infants or not. As an infant, any small allergenic reaction can turn out to be very problematic and it can lead to much health related issues. Why do you want to take a risk with your infant’s health? The herbal remedies for burping do not be have any side effects and are safe to administer in infants.

Naturally when burping occurs, you have to provide the child with small drops of water intermittently to bring down the burping. Please stop feeding further until burping comes down. Give a warm message over the stomach, chest and neck, so that the bubbles of air are removed fast. There are many herbal remedies for burping which are recommended for infants. Some of these herbal remedies are discussed in this article.

•Half or even quarter table spoon of beetle leaves is a good herbal remedy for burping in infants. Take fresh tender beetle leaves and grind it. The small drops of juice must be enough for an immediate relief.
•Small doses of herbal tea are found to be a very effective herbal remedy for burping in infants. Small quantities of peppermint, ginger and chamomile can be used to prepare the herbal tea. This can be administered to the child in mild doses, two to three times.
•A good herbal remedy for burping in infants is garlic paste. Mild doses of this paste can be given to the baby. This can be used externally over the neck as well to get some soothe feeling.

When you use herbal remedies for burping in infants, make sure that you give the child very small doses or in drops of these medicines.