Recent clinical research has found a new way to cure people who suffer from Insomnia. It’s a web-based treatment supposed to be effective with people who are struggling with this disease. According to the study, a group of people who took part in the process were able to fall asleep faster than the group that didn’t take therapy.

This process is an online version of cognitive behavioral therapy, which is considered as the main force to fight against chronic Insomnia. The treatment is focused on the person’s perspective of seeing problematic behaviors and thoughts from a different angle. As the time is passing by, the patient needs to use those inner problems as a response to the illness. Billions of people around the world have Insomnia, but there are not so many clinics that are well trained to provide help.

Three hundred people with Insomnia participated in two separated groups. The control group was given access to a web page where they could read and learn about their health problems. The second group has completed two months online therapy process, in which they could read or do their homework. A couple of months later, those who took participation in the second group reported great improvements. The others have remained almost a year after the process. Many of them have become ‘treatment responders’ by reducing their sleeping problems and succeed at overcoming Insomnia completely.

According to the people at the University of the Virginia School of Medicine, the number of people who can be cured with this method would be incredible. Study authors led by psychiatrist Lee Ritterband are happy with the results of their internet-based method. Although they have archived first steps to their main goal, doctors still need to continue their work on this project. The definition of a population who can find this method useful is the next big thing to do for the people who took therapy was white and well-educated. If they decide to repeat their research considering that of a previous therapy were positive, maybe are the right person to try this method win a tough battle with the chronic disease.