Bursitis always creates much discomfort to the people who are suffering from it. The pain caused by bursitis can be medium to very severe depending on the area which is affected by it. The muscle pain and the pain in the movement of the body parts, especially legs and hands, can make the routine life miserable.

In fact there are many modern high end medicines that are available in allopathic field for the treatment of bursitis. Some common methods are like injections on the paining muscles or treating with pain killers and muscle relaxants. In some cases surgical procedures are also adopted for curing the ailments created by bursitis. But all these types of treatments are highly expensive and time consuming. And also there are no assurance that bursitis will be completely cured and will nor recur. Apart from this the side effects caused by these medicines can badly affect the stomachs, can cause acid reflux and also can leave you in bed for many days. There are some herbal remedies for bursitis which are found to be highly useful in controlling the effects of bursitis.

Bursitis is inflammations of the bursae, the cushions protecting the bones which allow the tendons and muscles to move freely over the bones. It leads to paining in the body parts. Some may consider it as a symptom of arthritis. In fact this disorder generates much joint pain in moving the muscles over the bones. Mostly the herbal remedies for bursitis control the inflammations in the bursae and provide the effects of muscle relaxants.

Some of the herbal remedies for bursitis are:

  • Massaging with any herbal oil can do wonders in reducing the pains caused by bursitis. The best herbal oils for this purpose are Ayurvedic oils, such as Dhanwantharam, Maha mashadi and Murivenna. Give mild warmth over the body parts after massage with the oils. This can be repeated twice a day.
  • Aromatherapy is found to be highly effective for bursitis. The essential oils of German or Roman Chamomile, cypress and juniper can be applied externally for better relief from the pain. Massaging with these oils can bring down the inflammations in the bursae.
  • Herbal teas are also good herbal remedies for bursitis. Meadowsweet tea or willow tea can be used. Both of them are enriched with salicylate, a very effective pain killer.
  • Another recipe of herbal remedies for bursitis is a preparation made out of tinctures of horsetail, willow and meadowsweet.
  • A mixture of tincture of cramp bark and lobelia is also very effective in reducing the inflammations and to get rid of muscle and joint pains.
  • Herb plasters enclosing the medicated herbal oil are also good practices to reduce the discomforts caused by bursitis.

All of the above herbal remedies for bursitis are time tested and are well known for their effectiveness. In most of the cases the curing process will be slow and you should require dedication to continue the treatments.