Cellulite is not a major disease but is a very common skin disorder. Cellulites mainly affect women after their puberty stage. The cellulites are simple fat deposits under the skin which in turn give the skin an orange peel type or dimpled appearance.

Cellulites generally manifest in body parts such as thighs, tummies, hips, buttocks and bumpy areas of the legs. These cellulite tissues basically contain accumulated fat with toxins. The cellulites make the body appearance ugly and many people get in a depressed state due to their bad appearance. Herbal remedies for cellulites offer very good treatment for the bad effects of cellulites. It can control the spreading of cellulites and also can cure the skin problems due to cellulites.

Many modern remedies and skin care techniques are out there in the medical filed and market which can effectively deal with the cellulite problems. Typically these medicines come as creams or nutrient contained pills and all are very costly. Some skin care ointments can contain steroids which can produce bad effects to the unaffected regions of the body as well. Another costly technique is laser treatment for cellulites. This has many side effects such as damage to the neighboring tissues, swelling in the regions, pain and the scars which can be generated on the skin. There are some herbal remedies for cellulite which are all available in the backyards, kitchen or in local market. The herbal remedies for cellulites have well proven effects in diluting the fat content and also make the skins in its perfect shape of appearance.

The hormonal imbalances, poor circulation of blood and the lack of exercises can cause cellulites. Lymphatic herbals are assumed to be the best remedy for cellulites. Dandelion, poke root, neem leaves, cleavers and Echinacea are some of the herbs which are very useful in treating cellulites.

Cleavers is a Lymphatic herb which has been acclaimed as astringent and diuretic. These well proven properties make this herb as a very effective remedy for cellulites.

Echinacea has very strong medicinal properties as antiseptic, energy tonic and immune stimulant. It helps much in normalizing lymphatic and blood circulation functions. This has been in use for decades as an effective remedy for skin ailments.

Neem leaves are very effective herbal remedy for all types of skin related problems. The anti bacterial properties of neem give better cure for cellulites and other related skin diseases.

• An immune stimulating and anti inflammatory herb is pokeroot. This is time tested herbal remedy for cellulites. This was used as remedy for chronic rheumatism, skin rashes, blisters and toxin related problems over the skin.

• Herbal teas are found to be very effective in treating the complications of cellulites. For example fennel tea improves the immune power and also regulates blood circulation and hence improve the over all health.

All these herbs have been in use for centuries and all are available in the home backyards and local markets and are all inexpensive. These can be used individually or as a mixture or two or more kinds of herbs.