There will not be anyone who has not undergone the irritations of burns at any time in the life. It is a common problem with the human kind all over the world. For mild burns, mostly no medicines are required. It will cure itself by the natural healing power.

Medium sized burns require attention and few first aids together with home based or herbal remedies later will work fine for the healing of the burns. Serious burn injuries can be fatal if not treated properly. The fatality depends on the percentage of the burns as well as the parts where the burns have occurred. Herbal remedies for burns can be successfully applied for mild and medium level burns and they can be used as the first aid to the severe burn injuries before rushing to a hospital.

Have you ever got a skin burn?

It is really painful and irritating. The constant burning sensation can make you weary. Apart from this, it can cause discoloration of the skin area, chapping of the skin and blistering. Mild burn injuries can cause burn or a feeling of tingle for a few hours and medium burns can be painful and irritating for some days. Burns can be caused mostly by accidents, especially in kitchen, worksites or by sunburn. UV lights and tanning lights can also cause burn injuries mildly to persons coming into direct contact with these sources.

There are many medications, especially oils and creams, that are available in the market to treat the burns related skin problems. But firstly all these are very expensive and secondly we generally do not stock them in the house as they are not essentially required very often. Then when burns occur, you will be left with only option of home based herbal remedies for burns. This article provides some simple herbal remedies for burns.

Sandalwood paste is an effective herbal remedy for burns.

You can grind a small piece of sandalwood and make as a liquid paste and apply over the burnt skin portion. The cooling effect of the sandal will soothe the skin area and the burning sensation will be reduced.

Cotton ash paste is a home based herbal remedy for burns.

Take some ash of burnt cotton and mix with olive oil. Apply this mix to the affected skin portions. This will give immediate relief from the burning feeling and cure the burn injuries within few hours to days.

Aloe vera paste has proven effect in the treatment of burns.

This can also be used as a protective cream for avoiding the sunbath.

Boil a small quantity (say a handful) of fresh or dried comfrey leaves grinded in two cups of Jojoba or Almond oil. This prepared oil is found to be very good in avoiding the bad effects of skin burns.

Herbal remedies for burns are all time tested and well proven. They are free of any side effects such as skin allergies. So, if a burn injury occurs, it is always advisable to treat it with home based herbal remedies for burns.