Many people are very much bothered about the darkness under the eyes. This defect referred as black eyes are primarily caused by the weakness of the body and stress. Dark eyes can be symptoms of many diseases. When you are overtired or physically not well, dark circles appear under the eyes.

These dark circles are pointers to the personal health. The discolorations can occur when you lose weight by any reasons. There are many herbal remedies to prevent the black eyes. Apart from concentrating on regaining your lost weight, or overcoming from your diseases which caused the blackness, many skin care medicines can be applied to get complete cure from discolorations.

As already mentioned one has to careful in healthy habits like regular sleep and regular exercise to keep your body fit and healthy and hence to overcome disorders like black eyes. Deficiencies in Iron and other vitamins can cause black circles. Sunken eyes due to fat loss, hyper pigmentation and excess use of eyes watching TV or computers can also trigger for black skin under the eyes. There are many well proven home remedies which effectively use herbs and herbal products to counter the black eyes. Here we detail about some of these very effective herbal remedies for black eyes.

• Apply grated potato paste over the affected area for at least 8 to 10 hours. You can make a layer of potato paste over the skin before bed and wash it off by cool water in the morning. Repeat the process at least three to four times a week; you can visually see the difference. This remedy has a cooling effect on the skin and smoothes the blood circulation. Similarly cucumber paste is also effective for the dark circles.

• A time tested herbal remedy for black eyes is a recipe containing turmeric, red sandal powder and honey. Make a paste of these three ingredients and apply over the darkened skin for 30 minutes every day. Turmeric and red sandal wood powder are proven skin care herbal remedies. These are very good for reducing the skin allergies and can cure the blackness due to skin allergies.

Massage the blackish skin under the eyes softly with almond oil. This has long term effect in strengthening the health of the skin and prevents effectively the discoloration.

• Vitamin K creams are very good remedy for dark circles under the eyes due to deficiencies of vitamins. You can eat fruits and vegetables which contain plenty of Vitamin K. This will improve your health and give a cure for black eyes.

• Another very simple herbal remedy comes from tomato and lemon. Tomato juice mixed with lemon juice and turmeric powder, made as a paste can be applied to the affected portion. This will prevent further growth of black circles under the eyes. Keep the layer for about an hour and wash it off with cool pure water.

All these herbal remedies are well proven and found highly effective in countering the discoloration of the skin under the eyes. These herbal remedies for black eyes are very easy to make and requires only item in your lawn or kitchen. These are free from allergy and are very cheap to make.