Many people, especially men, are worried about the balding or frequent hair loss leading to balding. The severe hair loss causes are many and researches are still continues to identify more causes.

Aging is one of the factors. Other factors include hair louse infection, some of the diseases and the treatments thereon and also fungus infections on the scalp. If you see the health and beauty care market in offline and online markets are flooded with many anti balding creams and oils. Also there are many vitamin pills which improve the strength of the hair. There are many modern medicines which are proved to be effectives, if not curing, in reducing the hair loss. But many of these have side effects such as allergic swellings, reddishness in the skins and irresistible itching. There are many herbal remedies for balding which are free from any of the side effects and completely safe in countering severe hairless.

General treatments are aimed at strengthening the hair follicles and making the scalp fungal free. The herbal recipes passed over generations to generations through folk stories, songs and ancient manuscripts are proved to be very effective in seizing the hair loss and hence balding. The herbal remedied for balding have undergone many research studies and come out with flying colors with the credit of successful anti balding capabilities. We discuss here some of the major effective herbal remedies for balding.

• Fo-Ti also renowned as He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) is a Chinese herb which has got medicinal powers to counter the balding. This herb has been used in many recipes of herbal preparations for anti balding. This can be made as tea, or as paste and presently this herbal medicine is available in open markets in a very easy consumable pills form.

Green tea is found to be very effective in countering baldness. The Green tea contains the ingredient catechins which has the medicinal power to strengthen the scalp and also to improve the hair health. You have to take at least 4 cups of this tea to have a better effect.

• One of the herbal remedies which have a power to prevent the stimulation of the enzyme which causes the hair loss is Stinging nettle or in scientific terms Urtica diocia. This herbal remedy for balding, which is also available in market as pills and other consumables are found to be extremely effective.

• An ancient home preparation recipe of herbal remedy for balding is as follows. Take the juice of Tulsi leaves (one teaspoon), juice of Hibiscus leaves (two tea spoons), pepper powder and camphor. Boil these ingredients in coconut oil or sunflower oil for few minutes. This home prepared oil can be applied over the scalp before head bath. This gives improves the health of the tissues around the hair and effectively prevents hair loss and hence balding. This strengthens follicles of hair and removes the hair lice infections and fungal infections.

In the open market, offline as well as online, there are many herbal shampoos and oils prepared as per ayurvedic recipes. These oils and shampoos also found to be effective in countering the balding. These herbal remedies for balding are very cheap and can be applied at ease.