Even the most routine and complication-free pregnancies can be an uncomfortable and stressful ordeal, and that is without the additional hardships of infertility, unpleasant side-effects, or a difficult birth.

If you are having trouble becoming pregnant or are experiencing difficulties in your pregnancy, you may be surprised to learn that chiropractic therapy could help. From conception to the post-birth recovery phase, read on to learn what advantages chiropractic care can offer.

Increasing Fertility

Although your nervous system may not seem to be directly related to your reproductive system, several studies have established a link between the two that may be impacting your fertility. One study conducted in 2003 followed 15 women who had previously struggled with infertility and then entered subluxation chiropractic therapy. Of the 15 women, 14 subsequently became pregnant. Further studies are needed to confirm the relationship, but medical experts attribute the positive results to an increased production of follicle-stimulating hormones, which are triggered by an improved flow of cerebro-spinal fluids in chiropractic patients. This means that when your spinal column is in proper alignment, chemical signals from your brain are able to reach your organs more efficiently, resulting in higher levels of the hormones necessary for conception.

Managing Discomfort

Once you are pregnant, you will be subjected to months of pressure on your spine as your baby develops and grows. The misalignment typically manifests as pain in your lower back, and it can become debilitating as you approach your due date. Chiropractic massage therapy can help relieve sore muscles and keep you limber during your pregnancy. Most chiropractors receive specialized training to work with pregnant women, but double check with your primary physician to ensure that chiropractic therapy will be risk-free in your individual case.

Encouraging a Healthy Birth

Chiropractic care can not only make your pregnancy more tolerable, but it may also make labor shorter and easier. A review of the scientific literature regarding chiropractic care and pregnancy found that women who received prenatal osteopathic manipulative treatment experienced fewer incidences of cesarean sections, preterm deliveries, and the use of forceps in labor. Adjusting your spine and hips during pregnancy may help the baby move into an optimal position as it prepares to be born, reducing the chances of complications during birth.

Recovering From the Birthing Process

Of course, even after your baby is born, you will still have some side-effects of pregnancy to deal with. The same review of scientific literature mentioned previously also found that women who underwent postnatal chiropractic therapy experienced faster healing rates and suggested that this treatment be followed to help manage pain and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Interestingly, mothers who took their children in for infant chiropractic care also experienced lower rates of postnatal depression. No matter where you are in the stages of your family planning, chiropractic therapy may prove to be an invaluable tool to make your pregnancy as painless and safe as possible.