Now, how about carbonated beverages? “Soda pop” seems to be practically replacing milk in the American diet. To show you how bad this is, let’s make a simple test.

Take a good oil, like butter, and add it to a glass of carbonated soda pop. See for yourself how the butter becomes obliterated. It is immediately reduced to harmful oil, full of gas and sugar.

Carbonated soda is an oil parasite. Soda literally eats arid destroys oil and its value. Arthritics should abstain completely and for ever from carbonated beverages, if they want to become well and stay well.

Soda pop, seltzer water, fizz water, sugar water, tonic—whatever you call them it’s still a carbonated beverage. If you doubt the destruction of oil, drop a few ounces of almost any carbonated cola drink on (lie bonnet of your automobile. Notice what happens to the oils in the car paint! You’ll shudder if you imagine the same terrible action in your body.
Epidemics of disease often occur in the summer —when the drinking of carbonated beverages is at its peak. Why do the number of cases of appendicitis and poliomyelitis increase in hot weather? Added drinking of soda may be a contributing factor.
Can gas and sugar in carbonated soda pop devour the oil and fat in the fatty covering of the appendix, leaving the appendix exposed to inflammation? (This is what happens in the case of joint linings, and perhaps it could apply to the appendix too.)

It also follows that carbonated beverages can undermine the sheath of oil which covers nerve tissues. Nerve cells would be exposed, permitting the nerves to be hosts to an infiltrating virus like that of polio.

Recently, there have been several articles published suggesting this very same idea about polio. Yes, polio virus would find it very difficult to attack an oil-covered nerve. Strip away the oil and you invite danger.

Look at the inroads polio is making into older age groups. Is the higher intake of carbonated water a possible explanation?