It is common to think about a situation in which one gets infect sting, especially a bee sting. Bee sting usually generate pain and itching sensations. If you do itching in the affected area, the discomfort slowly grows. Also it is necessary to remove the venom from the sting area.

There are many herbal remedies to reduce the pain due to bee sting and which will effectively counter the irritations. Some times bee sting can make swelling and reddishness in the affected area. If you apply the herbal remedies, it will soothe the area and give a coolness to remove the red rashes and irritations.

Mostly the irritations caused by bee sting continue only for few hours and it is better not to make itching in the area. Itching will make the flesh in the affected area to swell and you may end up wounds and infections. First action you should take after a bee sting is to wash the area with pure cool water. It is better not to use any pain relievers or anti allergenic medicines to avoid irritations. Usually these medicines will have many side effects and will affect other body organisms very badly. The herbal remedies counter all the bad effects of bee sting. This article is aimed at providing some of the best herbal remedies for bee sting.

• Turmeric paste is the best herbal remedy for bee sting

Its medicinal power to absorb the venom is proven. Our ancestors were using the turmeric as an effective remedy for all types of insect bites. Turmeric is a proven skin care herbal remedy and it is very cheap and easily available in the kitchen shelf.

• Papain is very effective in dissolving the venom

An enzyme derived from Papaya, known as Papain, is very effective in dissolving the venom. It breaks down the toxins of the venom and effectively reduces the irritations in the area. Papaya fruit directly can be made as a paste and applied to the affected area.

• Tulsi and Neem paste

A paste of Tulsi and Neem is a very effective remedy passed over to our generation by our ancestors through folk songs and stories. Make an equal mix of these two ingredients and apply it over the affected area. Neem has the medicinal power to dilute the effect of poison and also acts against any infection in the area. It has got a very good healing power. Tulsi clean the affected area and kills the germs and bacteria. You can use cool water or honey to make the paste.

• Use baking soda to neutralize the acidity effect 

Bee venom contains acid particles and it is these acid particles make the irritation and pain at the area. It is better to neutralize the acidity effect with an alkaline chemical to reduce the effects. One such solution is baking soda solution. Clean the affected area of bee sting with this solution. It will remove the pain and irritations within minutes.

• The yellow flower St Johns Wort

The yellow flower St Johns Wort is found to be an effective herbal remedy used for skin care. It works against the skin rashes and reddishness. It has a moisturizing effect.

All the above herbal remedies for bee sting will clear all the discomforts within few hours.