It is a delicate situation for the people who struggle from the notorious bad breath, also known as halitosis, to meet other people. All these people want to come out from this malicious defect as early as possible. Keeping this in mind they will try out many remedies.

There are many in fact in allopathic medicines. Mouth washes, breath fresheners, anti septic drugs and many other chemical products. These all will give a maximum of 6-12 hours remedy and one has to continuously use it in regular intervals. Also these are all very expensive and may have many side effects to the tongue, mouth and lungs. An efficient way of controlling this bad breath without any side effects and very easily and cheaply is the use of herbal remedies for bad breath. There are many herbs which can be properly made into perfect herbal remedies for bad breath.

The causes for the bad breath are many. It includes the germs growth in mouth, cavities in tooth, acid reflux, stomach and digestion related disorders and also some other diseases. Many remedies are aimed at freshening the mouth and breath, preventing teeth decay and the growth of germs in mouth. Also the medications for acid reflux and indigestion help in reducing the bad breath. This article deals with some of the efficient herbal remedies for bad breath.
• Chlorophyll, the ingredient produced by green leaves which are actually responsible for the green color of the leaves, is a very good herbal remedy for bad breath. Chlorophylls extracted from green leaves, especially medicinal herbs like tulsi, neem etc, are a common ingredient in any breath freshener. These chlorophylls remove the molecules in the mouth which produces odor.

Mints are best herbal remedy for bad breath. One can chew little mint in your mouth. It is a mouth freshener and the delicious taste of the mint and the aroma makes this a great remedy for bad breath. Many artificial products, like chewing gum and toffees, containing mint are available in market.

• Other breath freshening herbal remedies for bad breath include chewing of parsley leaves, chewing of anise seeds and many such herbal leaves and seeds.

• Clove oil is very good in reducing the effects of bad breath. This will kill the smell producing gems and gives freshness to breath. Also clove is very good for the health of the teeth. It fights against germs and prevents cavities in the teeth and strengthens gum.

• Herbal teas are considered as very effective in controlling the bad breath. For example fennel tea and Lavender tea are considered as real remedies for bad smell in mouth. They have the medicinal power to reduce the infections and are very effective in controlling the molecules producing odor. The herbal tea is very good for many stomach related problems like acid reflux.

All above herbal remedies for bad breath are tome tested remedies. These have been passed over population through ancient books and folk stories and songs. These herbal remedies for bad breath are very easy to apply and are very cheap. If applied everyday without a fail, a complete cure of bad breath can be expected in a long time.