It is common that many moms complaining about the restlessness of the newborn child. Mostly they will be much worried lot, without knowing the basic reasons of baby restlessness. When the baby grow up to three months, the activities of the baby goes up and

then onwards the sleeping period will come down, their habits will change, they will show irritation and many such actions, making the parents worry.

To treat the baby restlessness, it is imperative to understand the basic reasons for the baby restlessness. First and more many tips to be remembered by the moms is that baby restlessness occurs when the baby gets some irritation or disruption in the normal body behavior.

Lack of sleeping can be one of the reasons. Assume that the baby did not get proper sleep; reason can be anything including the comforts in the room. It is sure that baby will show up restlessness. The real remedy for this is to make the baby sleep. The first symptom to identify the requirement of sleep for the baby is nothing but yawn only. If baby looks fatigue and start yawning make sure that he requires sleep. There are some herbal remedies, which will stimulate the baby’s body system for sleeping. One such remedy is the light mixture of ginger and garlic. This mixture also improves the digestive power of the baby.

One general reason for the baby restlessness is inadequacy of the intake. If the baby is hungry, the baby will be highly restless. The baby will not able to tell you that it is hungry. Make sure that baby’s stomach is full and that may avoid the baby restlessness.

Indigestion and stomach upset usually make the baby restless. If baby cries uninterrupted, mostly the reason will be pain in the stomach. There are many simple herbal remedies to overcome baby’s indigestion problem. Another reasons for the baby restlessness can be attributed to the symptoms of some disease like fever, body pains and worm infection. Constipation in the baby is another source for the restlessness of the baby.

• Tender petal leaves paste. This is a very good herbal medicine to stimulate the enzymes for digestion.
• Milk boiled with one or two pieces of garlic will give stimulation to sleep and also prevents the inflammation in the lungs. If the restlessness is caused by lungs infection or indigestion this remedy will work easily.
• Light mix of salt, garlic and ginger. You can add some honey to it so that feeding will be easy.
• Traditionally people used to give regularly, once in a month, a mixture of four to five medicinal herbs to baby, which is proved to be useful in improving the digestion and also improves the sleeping period.
• Grape water is a good remedy for the constipation. Daily one or two teaspoons of grape juice (Juice made with dry black grapes in water) will help for the smooth waste disposal in the baby.
• Herbal teas are always proved to be useful in containing the symptoms of baby restlessness. One of such herbal tea is fennel tea.

It is better to identify the reason first for the baby restlessness. The herbal remedies tips for baby restlessness mentioned above are all can be applied without any worry, as they do not have any side effects.