As a dentist, you realize the importance of taking x rays of your clients teeth. If you are in need of new equipment, consider the features that come with a 3D digital x ray system.

Three dimensional x ray systems that provide digital results will allow you to perform your job with precision. You will feel good about using top-of-the-line equipment that you can depend upon.

The following benefits will provide you with more insight about this type of x ray sales and service:

Detailed Information For An Accurate Diagnosis

A 3D system allows you to see each tooth and the jawbone in great detail. This is extremely helpful when it comes to determining if an oral problem is present. The last thing that you will want to do is provide the wrong information, causing your patients to undergo unnecessary procedures. With a 3D system, you will never second guess the results that you receive.
You can show each of your patients a picture of their mouth, allowing them to see what areas are posing a problem. When an x ray is taken, it will be quick and pain-free. Your patients will appreciate these conveniences and will be able to have their oral problems corrected in a prompt manner.

Space And Time Saving

With traditional x rays, developing film is necessary. This can be a time consuming process that requires the use of a dark room. Storage of the x rays can also pose a problem, taking up much needed office space. With a 3D digital x ray system, you will eliminate the need to develop anything. Additional storage space will not be necessary.

All of the x rays are stored in a digital format and can be viewed on any computer. If you need to find an x ray at a later date, you can input the name of the patient and you will receive instant results. Your office will be more organized as a result.

Free Copies Available

If a patient is referred to a specialist for an existing problem, copies of their x rays may be necessary. You will no longer need to worry about mailing the x rays to the other office or having to spend money to duplicate them. With 3D digital x rays, you can email the x rays in need, directly to the person who needs to see them. This will eliminate any confusion and save you money on postage and additional film.

If you are going to invest in new x ray equipment, it makes sense to purchase a system that is going to provide you with the conveniences that you need and deserve. Once your new system is installed, you will begin to see how much easier it is to operate your dental office each day.