Elegant wedge sandals

In summer I often stand in front of my shoe closet and actually feel like wearing high heels. In autumn, winter and spring, I also wear heels very often, for example Chelsea boots with block heels, ankle boots with wedge heels or other great high heels.

Unfortunately, things are often a little different in summer. You have the feeling that you are simply too elegantly dressed in the casual and casual time of summer. It is better to save sandals with stiletto heels for the next party and to use ballerinas, sandals or espadrilles instead. No question about it, these summer shoes are wonderful, but sometimes you just feel like wearing heels. I have observed the same phenomenon with my friends and have looked in the online shops for high summer shoes that are suitable for everyday use.

I'm talking about the trendy wedge sandals , which are very chic, but absolutely suitable for everyday use. And with everyday use we mean all possible occasions: school, university, job, leisure time, but also the next visit to the swimming pool! How to best combine wedge sandals, I would like to try to bring you closer in this blog article.

Wedge sandals everywhere!

As already mentioned, wedge sandals can be worn on many different occasions. If you would like to wear wedge sandals to university or school, you should make sure that the rest of the outfit is well chosen, but not too elegant. You don't want to be too daring in a conversation with the professor or teacher. The good thing about wedge sandals is that you can combine them with almost anything. My favorite is the classic skinny jeans. It intensifies the great effect of the heels immensely and is still an absolute everyday part. The legs look longer and narrower and you develop a noticeable level of self-confidence. You can choose a white or light-colored top with these rather simple trousers and, if the temperature is moderate, throw a cardigan over them. Since wedge sandals are a bit more conspicuous, you should be more economical with the rest of your outfit with bright colors or elaborate jewelry. It is better to put the shoes in the foreground and accentuate them with a fashion-conscious outfit. This outfit looks serious, summery and somehow also casual and is therefore absolutely perfect for university or school. Of course you can also wear it in everyday life. A colored top is then entirely allowed. Of course, you can also wear it in everyday life. A colored top is then entirely allowed. Of course you can also wear it in everyday life. A colored top is then entirely allowed.

A summer party without wedge sandals? Not at all!

Are you still looking for the right shoes for the next barbecue party? Then stop looking and get your favorite pair of trendy wedge sandals online. Wedge sandals are a real blessing, especially for occasions where you stand for a long time, maybe walk or dance the night away. They are very comfortable to wear, as the entire weight is distributed on the foot and the heel height is not at all noticed more really. You always stand stable, which you can't always say about the well-known sandals. Thin stiletto heels very often make you feel like you're walking on stilts. It is obvious that at some point you will get pain in it and not be able to dance all night. Wedge sandals are great to combine with casual yet sexy evening wear. This spring I am already totally addicted to the bright, dreamy summer dresses. Trendy pastel colors in all possible colors, but also the classic white enchants the long summer nights. At my next summer party I will be wearing wedge sandals in a rich cognac brown, a matching casual shoulder bag and a cream-colored knee-length summer dress. A pair of delicate gold bracelets.